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Founded in 1956, Clark Seals is a highly specialized seal engineering firm and precision manufacturer of elastomeric seals for original equipment manufacturers and oil and gas drilling and production.

Our capabilities include:

Seal Design
Custom seals are individually designed and optimized for each application.moremore

Custom Seal Design

Application EngineeringClark Seals provides full engineering support for new and existing applications.moremore

Application Engineering

Seal Analysis
Problem seals can be diagnoses and redesigned within 24 hours.moremore

Problem Seal Analysis

Precision ManufacturingClark Seals Ningbo is the most technically advanced seal factory in the world.moremore

Precision Manufacturing
Focus on Quality

Commitment to QualityAt Clark Seals, we are committed to producing the highest quality seals in the world through advanced research and development, continuous technological improvement and uncompromised manufacturing excellence. Our new
state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China is one of the most technologically advanced seal factories in the world, incorporating the latest in manufacturing, testing and quality control systems.
More about Clark Seals Ningbo (CSN)More about Clark Seals Ningbo (CSN)

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